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Twitch is now selling digital gift cards

Twitch is now selling digital gift cards


But only for US residents

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Image: Twitch

Twitch is now selling official gift cards you can use to buy items on the popular streaming platform, the company announced today. Despite being a free service, Twitch offers a number of ways you can spend money, including buying subscriptions to channels and paying for Twitch’s “Bits” virtual currency, and the new gift cards can be put towards those purchases.

You can buy the gift cards here. They’re available in $25, $50, $100, and $200 denominations, and they can be sent over email or text message. You can only get them digitally at the moment, but they’ll be available at Best Buy and GameStop “soon,” according to Twitch’s announcement blog. They’re also only available to US residents for now, but “we are looking to offer them in other countries soon,” according to Twitch.