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BuzzFeed’s quizzes get new multiplayer mode to help you socialize from home

BuzzFeed’s quizzes get new multiplayer mode to help you socialize from home


Quiz Party is a more social way to quiz

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Image: Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed has introduced a multiplayer version of its classic quizzes called Quiz Party, which lets you and up to three friends complete them simultaneously in your browser. The feature gives you a unique URL to share with friends so you can quickly found out, as a group, what geological epoch matches your personality or what Disney princess you are based on your blood type. (Disclaimer: these are not, so far as we know, real BuzzFeed quizzes.)

At the moment the functionality is quite basic. You’re each still essentially completing the quiz on your own, and there’s no chat feature to let you talk to your friends. But it’s a lot more social than simply sharing the results of a quiz on social media, and waiting for friends to complete it in their own time.

Although you work through the questions individually, you can see each player’s progress at the top of the screen, and you get your results as a group. So it means there’s nowhere to hide when a quiz inevitably sorts you into the wrong Hogwarts house (read: Hufflepuff).

BuzzFeed’s CTO Peter Wang tells TechCrunch that the company is seeing an explosion of interest in quizzes. Traffic had tripled year-over-year as of March this year Wang said, with interest apparently being driven by everyone trying to keep themselves entertained while cooped up at home during the pandemic. He adds that the company plans to expand Quiz Party over time. That means more quizzes, but it could also mean new functionality like music and chat support, the CTO said.