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Twitch gets a new channel for news, exclusives, and more

Twitch gets a new channel for news, exclusives, and more


Twitch’s gaming channel will go live today

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Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Today, Twitch has a new home for gaming news: the channel Twitch Gaming, which will showcase everything from new game reveals to Twitch drops. In a blog post, Twitch says the channel will be led by streamers, and it already promises to break big news — like, for example, the first competitive Valorant events, which will be held on Twitch on the game’s opening weekend.

The new channel will also feature indie games. Twitch Gaming will host an indie showcase later this year to show off new games and developer AMAs, and there’ll be a Twitch-exclusive game jam from June 26–28th. Last of all, streamers will be able to co-stream the channel, which means that their communities will be able to experience everything as it unfolds, live.

Twitch has been a home for gaming since the site’s beginnings. This new channel is a reminder that no matter how far Twitch gets from its gaming roots, it knows exactly where it’s come from.