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G Suite customers will soon be able to make Google Voice calls right from Gmail

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Google Voice is also getting a call transfer feature for G Suite customers

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Google will soon let G Suite customers with Google Voice licenses make Google Voice calls right from their Gmail inbox. The new feature seems like a handy way to make a Google Voice call without needing to jump to a second tab to do so.

If the feature is rolled out to you, you’ll be able to access Google Voice from the toolbar on the right side of your inbox, which is where you might currently see icons for Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks. Here’s a GIF from Google showing what the interface looks like.

Google says the feature will begin rolling out on June 3rd, though you’ll only be able use it from Chrome or Firefox on a computer.

Earlier this month, Google announced that you’d be able to access its Meet videoconferencing service from your Gmail inbox (though the Meet icon is on your left sidebar). That integration and the new Google Voice Gmail integration revealed today could be useful if you spend a lot of your day working through emails and making calls.

Google has also already started rolling out a call transfer feature for Google Voice’s iOS, Android, and web apps to G Suite customers with Google Voice licenses, the company announced. To transfer a call, it appears users can just tap on a “transfer” button on the call menu and select a contact. Here’s a picture of the call transfer process, from Google:

Image: Google

Google doesn’t currently have plans to bring either of the features announced today to consumers, the company tells The Verge.

Update, May 28th, 6:53PM ET: Added context from Google.