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Sonos Play:5 successor and new Sonos Sub appear in alleged leaked images

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Just days after Sonos’ new soundbar leaked

The successor to the Sonos Play:5 will reported by called the Sonos Five (2020).
Image: Roland Quandt

Images of what appear to be a new Sonos speaker and subwoofer have leaked online, showcasing a familiar look for the two revamped devices. Leaker Roland Quandit posted the images on Twitter, referring to the products as the Sonos Five (2020) and Sonos Sub (3rd Gen).

Beyond their slightly revamped designs, the images don’t give much indication of what’s new with the two speakers. The Sonos Five (2020) appears to be a successor to 2015’s Sonos Play:5, but features a slightly less prominent logo on its front. Meanwhile, the new Sub appears to be almost identical to its predecessor. The existence of the two new speakers was reported by 9to5Mac last week alongside a new Atmos-equipped Playbar — images of which subsequently leaked over the weekend.

The leaks don’t give an indication of when Sonos might be prepared to launch the new speakers, but with the company’s Twitter account teasing an announcement of some kind tomorrow on May 6th, we might not have too long to wait.

Update May 5th, 7:24AM ET: Updated to include mention of Sonos announcement on May 6th.