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Wunderlist founder announces a new productivity app called Superlist

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It’s a return to form

Wunderlist Chrome
Wunderlist Chrome

Christian Reber, founder of the beloved productivity application Wunderlist, announced today that he’s got a new company called Superlist in the works. Its goal, as stated by its very pretty landing page, is to enable “supercharged productivity for teams of the future.”

It’s not yet clear what Superlist will do — aside from being a productivity tool, per Reber’s thread on Twitter — but it makes sense that he’s returning to familiar ground for his next venture. Today’s Protocol newsletter had a bit more detail: some of Superlist’s team will come from Microsoft, and Reber is thinking of the app as “an investment into the next generation of Wunderlist.”

Reber founded Wunderlist in 2011; in 2015, Microsoft acquired the company, and in 2017, it announced that the product would eventually be discontinued in favor of Microsoft To Do, which integrates directly with its Office suite of software. Late last year, Microsoft said that it would shut down Wunderlist on May 6th, 2020 — which is tomorrow. So it’s perhaps not a surprise that Reber took today to thank the people who worked on Wunderlist and advertise that his new venture is currently hiring. The to-do list is eternal; what is dead may never die.