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Ring improves $99.99 entry-level doorbell, adds solar charger

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It’s basically a Video Doorbell 2 for half the price

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Ring’s $99.99 Video Doorbell with new $49 solar charger.
Ring’s $99.99 Video Doorbell with new $49 solar charger.
Image: Ring

Ring is relaunching its original Video Doorbell, first introduced in 2014, with features found in its more expensive doorbells without raising the price. That includes 1080p video, improved night vision, and motion zones for $99.99. It’s also introducing a new $49 solar charger that frames and powers the doorbell.

The new Video Doorbell can run off rechargeable battery or hardwired connection and supports two-way talk with noise cancellation. It also features privacy and motion zones to help fine-tune alerts and recordings. So basically, it’s the $199 Video Doorbell 2 (now discontinued) for half the price. The Video Doorbell 3 offers better Wi-Fi performance and motion tracking for $199.99.

New Ring Video doorbell.
Image: Ring

Ring began life as Doorbot under the tutelage of founder and inventor Jamie Siminoff. The Shark Tank reject changed its name to Ring with the launch of its original Video Doorbell in 2014, before the company was acquired by Amazon for over $1 billion in 2018. Now Ring dominates US doorbell sales, accounting for 40 percent of video doorbells used in the US. Ring has courted more than its fair share of controversy over its data sharing deals with police departments, and lax security and privacy practices that left owners exposed.

Ring’s new Video Doorbell can be preordered now for $99.99, before it goes live on June 3rd. The new $49 Solar Charger will be available later in July.