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It’s Wednesday: here’s a bear in a tub

It’s Wednesday: here’s a bear in a tub


Animals at the Oregon Zoo are relatable as hell

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The Oregon Zoo shared a video of one of its bears taking a dip in a tub.
The Oregon Zoo shared a video of one of its bears taking a dip in a tub.
Oregon Zoo

The animals at the Oregon Zoo, like many of us, are taking life during coronavirus-induced lockdown one day at a time. The zoo closed to the public on March 17th, and since then, zookeepers have shared adorable and hilarious sneak peeks into life on the inside.

We follow a lot of zoo and farm cams at The Verge — like these big cats and baby goats. But the critters at the Oregon Zoo, so far, have been the most relatable. Take this cub in a tub:

This is me gracefully trying to keep my head above water, practice self-care, and prioritize my wellness in the time of coronavirus. It is also me in high school PE trying to be cool and look good in the pool (key word: trying).

Then there’s Kaya the harbor seal who, like me, longs for the days before Mariah Carey memes when Carey’s classics were the best soundtrack to the ups and downs of love. On TikTok, we can watch a tender moment set to the song “Butterfly” between Kaya and her butterfly “bestie” that they share through aquarium glass. The two “were social distancing before it was cool,” the caption reads. Kaya (or her social media manager) also clearly understands the undeniable truth that Mariah Carey songs make life sweeter; the same video on Twitter without the music is cute but not touching.

For all you couples in quarantine, behold: Nacho and Goat the penguins. I have no idea if these two are actually a couple, but here they are holding flippers on a hike. I feel you, Nacho and Goat. You’ve got to work to keep the romance going when you’re together 24/7 and date nights have turned into strolls in the park.

The animals — which can be seen on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube — are helping the Oregon Zoo Foundation fundraise. It’s asking for donations to support the zoo’s operations since it isn’t earning anything from admissions while it keeps its doors closed to visitors during the pandemic.