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UrbanEars first true wireless earbuds start at just $69

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Say hello to the Luma and Alby

The Alby are the cheaper of the two sets of earbuds at just $69.
Image: UrbanEars

Swedish audio brand UrbanEars has announced its first pairs of true wireless earbuds, the Luma and the Alby. They’re modestly specced, but that’s understandable considering they’re priced at just $99 and $69 respectively.

The UrbanEars Alby are the cheaper of the two at $69, and for that price you’re getting three hours of battery life from the earbuds themselves, plus an extra 12 hours from the USB-C charging case. They’ve got an IPX4 resistance to water splashing, and there’s a single microphone on each earbud for making calls. Stepping up to the $99 Luma gets you more battery life with 5 hours per charge, a wireless charging (or USB-C) case that provides 20 hours more, and an extra microphone on each earbud to reduce background noise when calling. Both sets of buds include touch and voice controls and are available in black, green, white, or violet.

The $99 Luma have better battery life and support wireless charging.
Image: UrbanEars

UrbanEars says that both the Luma and the Alby will be available to buy this summer.