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Activision investigating Call of Duty’s ‘larger than expected’ 84GB Xbox patch

Activision investigating Call of Duty’s ‘larger than expected’ 84GB Xbox patch


Activision is investigating the issue

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Image: Activision / Infinity Ward

Some Xbox players hoping to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s much-anticipated fourth season today have discovered that the patch is 40GB larger than they were expecting, Eurogamer reports. While the patch was expected to amount to 44GB on the Xbox One, some are finding that it’s coming in at an absolutely massive 84.82GB. That’s compared to 45GB for the patch on PC and around 32GB on PS4.

A download that huge won’t just cause an annoying delay, but it could also cause problems for anyone with a data cap on their internet traffic. It’s also an issue for anyone with a smaller 500GB hard drive in their Xbox One who has to keep a significant chunk of their storage free to accommodate the download. 

Modern Warfare has been ballooning in size for a little while now. Back in May, Gamespot noted that the game was pushing 200GB on all three platforms after a recent series of updates. On PC, it reportedly took up 180GB of space, while on the Xbox One and PS4, it was taking up just over 185GB. Infinity Ward’s Ashton Williams says the developer is trying to bring the overall install size down by compressing assets, but even then, the season 4 patch will still add an additional 4GB on top of what’s already installed. Console players also have the option of uninstalling parts of the game to keep file sizes down, Eurogamer notes.

Thankfully, Activision’s support account has acknowledged that there’s an issue, and has promised to investigate. Call of Duty’s installation is unlikely to get any smaller, but hopefully, it’ll be a little more manageable once it’s fixed.