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Twitch Studio launches on Mac in beta

Twitch Studio launches on Mac in beta


Twitch’s streaming software finally comes to the other half

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Alex Castro

Today, Twitch launches its proprietary streaming software, Twitch Studio, on Mac in open beta, according to a blog post on its website. It’s a smart move. The original version of the software was PC-only, and while PCs are somewhat easier to stream from for a variety of reasons — mostly having to do with software options — it makes sense that creators who aren’t PC users would want to get in on streaming, too. (The pandemic also definitely got more people interested in streaming.)

If you’re new to streaming, Twitch Studio is a great place to start. It’s been optimized by Twitch for ease of use, and it walks you through the hardest parts of setting up a stream. (That is: fiddling with technical settings.) It also has built-in alerts, a chat integration, and a bunch of customization options to make your broadcast stand out. All this said: if you’re already using OBS, Streamlabs OBS, or XSplit, this probably isn’t the software for you because those other programs offer a lot more flexibility than what Twitch Studio can give — they’re also commensurately harder to use.

You can download the Twitch Studio for Mac beta right here. Happy streaming!