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Dell launches new G7 gaming laptop

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Slim bezels and RGB lights

The Dell G7 17 is available now.
Image: Dell

Dell announced a number of new gaming PCs and peripherals today, including an RGB keyboard, a curved monitor, and even a desktop. But the highlight is the G7, Dell’s newest midrange gaming laptop. The G7 will come in two sizes: 15 inches and 17 inches.

The laptop has received a stylish new redesign from previous G7 models. It’s noticeably slimmer, there’s a neatly colored LED on the front of the deck, and the bezels have shrunk (from 9.9mm to 6.5mm on the G7 15 and to 8.16mm on the G7 17). It’s a cool-looking laptop, and it certainly has more of a premium feel than last year’s configuration.

The Dell G7 15 has a new look.
Image: Dell

In terms of specs, the systems offer 10th Gen Intel CPUs up to an i9, along with Nvidia GeForce GPUs up to an RTX 2070 Max-Q on the G7 15 and a 2070 Super on the G7 17.

Like last year’s G7, this one has a four-zone RGB keyboard. There’s a dedicated “game shift” macro key that boosts the fans into what Dell calls “dynamic performance mode” for demanding periods of gaming.

The G7 17 is available now starting at $1,429, while the G7 15 is coming on June 29th, also starting at $1,429.