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Fortnite’s party royale island will air Christopher Nolan movies on Friday

Fortnite’s party royale island will air Christopher Nolan movies on Friday


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Full-length movies are coming to Fortnite’s new party royale island. Today, Epic Games announced that it will air three different Christopher Nolan movies in the island’s theater on June 26th. The available movies include Inception, Batman Begins, and The Prestige, though what you’ll actually be able to watch will depend on region. (Inception will be broadcast in North America, but you can check out the full schedule here.) This isn’t the first collaboration between Epic and Nolan; last month, the director revealed the latest trailer for his upcoming film, Tenet, inside of the game.

Party royale debuted in April as a nonviolent social space, separate from the main battle royale island. Already it’s been home to big names, with a music venue that has featured virtual performances from the likes of Diplo and Deadmau5. That will continue on June 25th, with another concert series featuring Young Thug and Noah Cyrus. These events follow the incredibly popular Travis Scott virtual concert series, which was among the most popular events in Fortnite’s history.

Fortnite, which Epic says now has more than 350 million players, has seen a resurgence of late, thanks to a dramatic season-ending event that resulted in the flooding of the battle royale island.