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Vergecast: SpaceX’s first crew in space and Facebook’s ongoing moderation controversy

Our Friday chat show

Photo by Bill Ingalls / NASA

This week on The Verge’s flagship podcast The Vergecast, co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn welcome back senior science reporter Loren Grush and Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton to discuss their recent reporting on SpaceX and Facebook, respectively.

Last Saturday, SpaceX successfully launched its first two people into orbit. Loren explains SpaceX’s mission, partnering with NASA, and what the future of spaceflight looks like going forward.

In the second half of the show, Casey explains why Facebook employees are walking out in protest over posts by Donald Trump and how Facebook is handling the controversy in contrast to other social media companies like Twitter and Snap.

Of course, our hosts are also able to fit in some gadget news at the end of the show. The Sonos Arc is now available to preorder, and The Verge was able to review it this week. How does the Atmos-enabled soundbar compare to a full surround sound system? Listen to the discussion here or in your preferred podcast player to find out.

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