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Telegram adds new video editing tools, easier ways to find GIFs, and more

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A new ‘Trending’ section was added for GIFs, too

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Telegram has released a new update adding video editing tools and allowing you to add animated stickers to any photo or video you send on the mobile messaging app.

The new update allows you to edit videos and adjust various elements like brightness and saturation. You can manually tweak the video to your preference, or you can tap your screen twice to have Telegram adjust it automatically.

Though Telegram already introduced stickers, you can now add them to any photo or video. The GIF panel received some new features, including a Trending section that shows the most popular GIFs on the app, in addition to emoji-based sections that provide relevant GIFs for emojis like the heart eyes or thumbs-up.

In April, Telegram reached 400 million active users. Alongside unveiling the new active user milestone, Telegram also introduced educational snippets to quizzes and a new directory with 20,000 stickers. The company also says that it will release secure group video calls sometime this year.