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Peloton launches Roku app

Peloton launches Roku app


Yoga, dance, and more workouts available

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There’s now a Peloton channel available on the Roku platform. Anyone with a Roku device can sign up to access Peloton’s instructor-led workouts from their TV.

“We are excited to roll out our best-in-class streaming fitness service onto the Roku platform,” said Karina Kogan, SVP and general manager of Peloton Digital, in a statement. “We’ve seen growing engagement with our TV apps, especially as more and more consumers look for at-home fitness solutions to keep them physically and mentally fit.”

Don’t be surprised if you see ads. The Peloton app will leverage Roku’s “machine-learning targeting capabilities” to advertise the app to Roku users who would be most likely to use it.

You don’t need a Peloton bike or treadmill to use the app (though bike and treadmill sessions are available on the Roku channel). There are also floor-based workouts available, including strength, yoga, HIIT, dance, and meditation. The app includes thousands of options, Roku says.

If you already have a Peloton account, you can sign into the channel with your credentials. New users can take advantage of a 30-day free trial; after that, the app-only membership is $12.99 per month. (You can sign up on your TV with Roku Pay.)

As the pandemic has driven more people to seek out home workout solutions, Peloton has expanded to a number of new platforms. Since late February, the company has launched apps for Apple TV and Android TV as well as Chromecast support for its iOS app (enabling iOS users to cast their classes to any device that supports Chromecast).