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OnePlus teases first pair of true wireless earbuds for July 21st reveal

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The announcement of the announcement is here

OnePlus is no stranger to producing headphones (pictured), but it has yet to release a true wireless model.
Image: OnePlus

OnePlus will reveal its first pair of true wireless earbuds on July 21st, the company confirmed today. The OnePlus Buds, as the headphones will be called, will be revealed alongside the OnePlus Nord, the company’s new “more affordable” smartphone lineup. Other than confirming the name, OnePlus didn’t reveal any more information about the earbuds, such as whether they’ll feature active noise cancellation or what kind of battery life we can expect.

OnePlus has produced some surprisingly good headphones in the past. When we reviewed its Bullets Wireless headphones back in 2018, for example, we appreciated their engaging, detailed sound and excellent fit. Later that year, we said that its wired Type-C Bullets were “the essential pair of USB-C earbuds that everyone should own.” If the company can keep up this quality while entirely ditching the wires, then it could have another excellent pair of headphones on its hands.

Rumors of a pair of true wireless earbuds from OnePlus have been around for months, and their AirPods-inspired design also appeared to leak last month. Last week, the company teased a new pair of headphones when it tweeted a picture of its previous models and asked, “What’s next in line?” Now, OnePlus has announced that it’s planning to announce them for real, so buckle up.

News of the OnePlus Buds joins a dizzying array of details, both official and unofficial, about the company’s new smartphone lineup, the OnePlus Nord. The phone is expected to cost under the equivalent of $500, will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G processor, and as of today, we officially know that it’ll feature an ultrawide selfie camera like the Pixel 3. The phone is due to be announced on July 21st in the company’s augmented reality launch event.