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Watch With Friends brings remote Netflix watch parties to Apple TV and Roku devices

Watch With Friends brings remote Netflix watch parties to Apple TV and Roku devices


A new app from Caavo brings watch parties to the big screen

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With move theaters shuttered and folks still stuck at home due to the pandemic, remote viewing party services have shot up in popularity, letting friends and family members sync up movies and TV shows from their own homes. But nearly all of those services only work on computers — not exactly the most satisfying way to watch a movie. But a new app called Watch With Friends developed by Caavo (the company behind the high-end Caavo Control Center universal remote) promises to bring that same experience to Roku and Apple TV devices.

The Watch With Friends app is available on iOS, Android, and as a Chrome extension and is what you’ll use to create the watch party group by pasting in a direct link to the Netflix show or movie you’d like to watch. Similarly, guests will use the app to join the party, after which “Watch With Friends automatically identifies your Roku or Apple TV to play the show for you.”

Additionally, Watch With Friends features a built-in chat within the mobile app, so you can talk to your friends or family members while enjoying your movie or show.

There are a few caveats: each guest will need their own Netflix account, and Apple TV users will have to install Caavo’s companion app to keep everything in sync (although you don’t have to be a Caavo owner to use Watch With Friends). Right now, it only works with Netflix, although Caavo says that they’re looking to expand to other services soon.

But if you’ve been looking for a way to expand your watch parties to your living room, Watch With Friends seems like a good (and, right now, the only) option in town.