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Intel teases ‘something big’ for September 2nd, likely 11th Gen processor launch

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Tiger Lake chips are coming

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Intel is promising “something big” at an event on September 2nd, where it’s likely to launch its 11th Gen CPUs. Intel mailed out hold the date messages to members of the press today, teasing a virtual event to show “how Intel is pushing the boundaries of how we work and keep connected.”

The event will likely see the introduction of Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors. The chipmaker first previewed these new 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs earlier this year at CES. Tiger Lake is expected to launch under the Intel 11th Gen branding, be limited to laptops, and include a new Xe architecture graphics architecture.

Intel’s event teaser.

These chips will be the next iteration of Intel’s 10nm+ architecture that shipped on Ice Lake processors, and they should go head-to-head with AMD’s Ryzen 4000 chips that are based on a 7nm process. AMD has been breaking into laptops on multiple fronts this year, particularly thin and light gaming notebooks. AMD has proven it can compete on performance as well as price, and Intel’s 11th Gen chips look set to respond.

Computex was canceled last month, but laptop makers like Acer have already promised laptops with Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake chips will ship this fall. It’s now up to Intel to detail the all-important launch dates, performance, and pricing. It certainly looks like September 2nd will be when Intel is ready to talk a lot more about its 11th Gen processors.