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OnePlus’ sub-$100 true wireless earbuds detailed in new leak

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Expected to cost less than $100

OnePlus Buds in case.
Max Weinbach (Twitter)

A new leak has given us the best look yet at the soon to be launched true wireless earbuds from OnePlus. Several images were extracted from the OnePlus Buds APK by both 9to5Google and Max Weinbach of XDA Developers. While we don’t have a price yet, OnePlus did tease the buds on Instagram for “$XX.XX” suggesting they’ll retail for less than $100.

The APK has images of the OnePlus Buds in black, blue, and white. These appear to be the same earbuds worn by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei when discussing the new Nord handset design with Marques Brownlee.

9to5Google also discovered code that suggests they’ll support Dolby Atmos, as well as the ability to locate your lost buds through a “Find my Device” option. Illustrations found in the APK suggest fast pairing, touch controls, and an automatic pause feature when removing an earbud from the ear.

Last week OnePlus said that the Buds will last for over seven hours of continuous use, or 30 hours in total when charged from the case. The OnePlus Buds weigh 4.6 grams, while the case weighs 36 grams.

The OnePlus Buds bear more than a passing resemblance to Vivo’s new TWS Neo wireless buds, as noted by Weinbach in a tweet. OnePlus and Vivo are both brands under the Chinese conglomerate BBK Electronics, which is also home to Oppo, Realme, and iQoo.

We’ll know the details soon enough when OnePlus reveals all on Tuesday.

Carl Pei wearing the unannounced Buds.
Illustration suggests AirPods-like fast pairing.