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This $30 remote is for anyone who loves their Apple TV but hates its Siri Remote

This $30 remote is for anyone who loves their Apple TV but hates its Siri Remote


It’s similar to a recent model released in Switzerland

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Image: Function

If you’re someone who hates the minimalist approach Apple has taken to its latest Siri TV remote, then this $30 replacement might be worth a look. The “Button Remote for Apple TV,” as it’s been branded by its seller Function, looks almost identical to a version developed by Swiss TV and internet provider Salt that we covered last year. The biggest difference is that it should be easier to get your hands on it in the US, unlike the Salt-branded model, which AppleInsider notes currently commands a hefty premium on eBay.

Apple’s latest TV remote is disliked by many because of a minimalistic design that asks you to use a touchpad for many common controls. Some people like the simplicity of it, while others prefer the reassurance of physical buttons. If you’re in the latter category and want a remote to match your Apple TV box, then this could fit the bill.

Image: Function

From the pictures, the remote appears to have a similar mix of controls to your typical VCR or Blu-ray player remote: there are play / pause, fast-forward, volume, and mute buttons, and there’s a cluster of navigation buttons that should let you scroll up, down, left, and right without so much as having to look at a touchpad. However, from the looks of things, the Siri button hasn’t made the cut.

Of course, it’s also possible to use plenty of other remotes, including Apple’s original TV remote, with the Apple TV. Apple has instructions on how to set this up on a dedicated help page, with the process involving training the set-top box to recognize the IR signals sent out by your own remote.

Function says it expects to start shipping the remote later this month.