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Dragon Quest XI is finally coming to Xbox One

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Launching in December

Ever since its debut in 2018, Dragon Quest XI has slowly been spreading to other platforms. It’s playable on the PC, PS4, and Switch — and now it’s finally coming to the Xbox One. During its Xbox Series X showcase today, Microsoft revealed that the “definitive edition” of the roleplaying game is launching on its console on December 4th. It’ll also be available through Xbox Game Pass, and the definitive version will launch the same day on PS4 and Steam as well.

The news is particularly interesting because it marks the series’s debut on Xbox platforms. Despite being one of Japan’s most popular franchises, Dragon Quest has generally struggled in the West. That, coupled with the Xbox’s small presence in Japan, has made the two seem like an unlikely fit. Lately, though, Japanese roleplaying games have seen a surge on the Xbox One, thanks in large part to the Final Fantasy series joining Game Pass.