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Spotify’s desktop apps now work better with Chromecast devices

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They can now directly start Chromecast streams

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Spotify’s Mac and Windows apps can now start streaming to Chromecast devices, 9to5Google reports. Previously these apps have been able to control pre-existing Chromecast streams, but they couldn’t start them directly. Instead, you had to start a Chromecast stream on iOS or Android, before it could be controlled through the desktop app using Spotify Connect.

You can start a Chromecast stream on the desktop apps the same way as a Spotify Connect stream — by clicking the “Devices Available” button on the bottom right of the interface. From there you can select between your streaming devices, which now include Google Cast as well as Spotify Connect-enabled speakers.

The functionality, which arrives with version 1.1.38 of the desktop app, is something users have been asking for for years. There are threads in the Spotify Community forums dating back to 2015, the same year Google launched its (now discontinued) Chromecast Audio dongle.