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Spotify tests visual quote cards for The Michelle Obama Podcast

Spotify tests visual quote cards for The Michelle Obama Podcast


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One of Spotify’s biggest original podcast bets, The Michelle Obama Podcast, premieres today and with it comes the test of a new product feature: shareable quote cards. People in the test will be able to press play on the podcast, and colorful cards with quotes available to share will appear automatically. They can then tap the quote they want to share and select from the sharing options, which cover the main social networks, like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Of course, the idea behind these quote cards is that they amplify Obama’s voice, as well as that of her guests and the show in general.

Many podcasting companies have experimented with audiograms, or shareable audio clips with words overlaid. Spotify’s own Anchor introduced a feature like this years ago in 2017, and Overcast allows listeners to share clips they specifically appreciate. In Spotify’s case, it’s focusing solely on words, not the audio. It also preselects quotes, so listeners can’t share specific segments that resonate with them. Still, a static image with a link back to the show might be enough to drive listeners to check it out.

Part of Spotify’s appeal for creators, or at least how it can differentiate itself, is how it assists podcasters in marketing themselves. It buys subway ads, places promos into other Spotify shows and on the platform itself, and includes podcasts on playlists. A shareable quote is just another, smaller tool in its arsenal. Even if it brings in only a few hundred listeners, that could make a minimal dent in a show’s success and demonstrate Spotify’s efficacy as a podcast creator, marketer, and distributor.