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Amazon Prime Video is introducing individual user profiles

With personalized recommendations and watchlists

Amazon Prime Video is rolling out user profiles for family members and friends who share Prime accounts, the company announced today.

Each account will allow for up to six user profiles. One profile will default as the primary account, with five additional profiles allowed. These can be regular accounts or kids accounts. The kids account will restrict what type of content is shown, similar to how other children’s accounts on streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max work. People can stream up to three videos at once while using the same Amazon account, with no more than two devices streaming the same video at the same time.

Profiles are linked through Amazon’s wallet-sharing tool. The feature allows customers to share their payment methods with another Amazon account that has set up a household. (Here’s more info on how to do that.) Amazon Prime Video will automatically create linked accounts from the default profile to others that exist in the household.

Similar to personalized profiles on other streaming services, Amazon’s user profiles will tailor to each individual’s interests. That means each profile will include separate recommendations, progress on seasons being watched, and a watchlist based on profile activity, according to Amazon. Unlike Netflix and Disney Plus, it doesn’t appear that Prime Video customers will be able to customize the look of their profile icons with images from shows and movies.

This is important to note: for customers who use Amazon Household and don’t want to share profiles with other Household accounts, customers can disable the feature from the “manage your profiles” page. Once profile sharing is turned off, however, customers will not be able to turn the feature back on. So be sure about disabling it before you do so.

Customers will be able to create and manage profiles with the Android and iOS versions of the Prime Video app, via the web, on 10th-generation or higher Fire tablets, through the Prime Video app for Fire TV, and “select living room devices such as the PlayStation 4,” at launch, according to Amazon. The feature is rolling out globally but will do so in phases, so not all customers will see the user profile options immediately.

Update July 8th 3:05pm ET: The story has been updated to add clarification about Household account profiles.