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Gmail for iPad now supports split-view multitasking

Gmail for iPad now supports split-view multitasking


It arrived... five years later

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Image: Google

Gmail for iPad’s latest update brings long-awaited support for split-view multitasking, meaning you no longer have to open a full Gmail screen to check or send new emails. 

Google says the feature will work with any other iOS apps that support split-view multitasking. You will need to swipe up at the bottom of the screen to display the dock, touch, and then hold another app, then drag it up to either the left or right side of your screen to open the window in Split View. 

Apple introduced the split-screen feature as part of iOS 9 in 2015. However, tech companies have been slow to support the feature, including Adobe with Lightroom and Spotify, which added support within the last year. Google added split-view support for Google Chrome in 2015, and in 2016, it added Split View to Docs, Sheets, Slides, and YouTube, so it’s strange that its widely used mail app is just now receiving this feature, five years later.