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Donkey Kong Country heads July’s Nintendo Switch Online games

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Rare’s 1994 platformer barrel-rolls onto the Switch

Nintendo’s latest addition to the library of retro games that comes with its Switch Online subscription service includes a big hitter: Donkey Kong Country. Rare’s 1994 side-scrolling platformer was one of the more conspicuous absences from the service, and its addition presumably opens the door for its two sequels down the line.

The other two games coming this month are a little more obscure. 1994’s Natsume Championship Wrestling is a US conversion of a SNES wrestling game with its Japanese licensing removed, while The Immortal is a 1990 NES conversion of a fantasy action RPG originally developed for the Apple IIGS and published by EA.

All three games will be added to the service on July 15th. Nintendo Switch Online costs $19.99 a year and is required for online multiplayer in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.