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Thundercats is coming to Hulu tomorrow and I am on a major nostalgia trip

Thundercats is coming to Hulu tomorrow and I am on a major nostalgia trip


“Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats HO!!!”

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Image: Hulu

Thundercats ho! Hulu has locked down the rights to stream Thundercats on its service starting tomorrow. This includes both the iconic original series from the 1980s, plus the 2011 reboot. The kid within me is screaming with pure joy.

I was born in 1995, so, unfortunately, I did not have the pleasure of watching the original Thundercats cartoon when it aired between 1985 and 1989. Fortunately, in 2002, Cartoon Network’s programming block Toonami did air it, and I remember watching as a seven-year-old kid, stumbling upon the cartoon after viewing a promo and thinking to myself “wow, this show looks cool.” The next time it aired, I made sure to tune in.

The intro grabbed me right away: it was catchy, colorful, and hearing Lion-O screaming, “Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats HO!!!” I thought it was like the coolest thing ever. Seriously, for the longest time, I would grab a toy sword and replicate that quote as if I was a member of the Thundercats. My twin brother thought it was kind of dorky, but I thought it was really cool. Thundercats was one of those shows that let me live in a power fantasy and helped boost my self-confidence.

I haven’t yet seen the 2011 reboot series, not because I wasn’t interested (though I am scared it won’t live up to the original), but also simply because I don’t watch a ton of television these days outside of paid streaming services and YouTube. Now that both Thundercats TV shows are on Hulu, you best believe I will be watching these shows in my spare time.