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Run The Jewels release 3D model of their iconic logo for remix contest

The model used to mock up RTJ4’s artwork

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Run The Jewels / Sketchfab

Run The Jewels has teamed up with Sketchfab, an online platform to share and sell 3D artwork, for a remix challenge of the duo’s iconic pistol and fist logo. The logo has always inspired reinterpretation by fans — but now, the group is looking to reward those fans directly.

Fans can download the 3D model used in the production of their latest album cover, RTJ4, and put it into their own creations. To enter, artists have to upload their project to Sketchfab with the tag #RTJ4D. The prizes don’t look too bad either: XP-Pen tablets, a year subscription to Substance by Adobe, and, of course, RTJ 4 merch.

While this 3D model was used in the production of the Run The Jewels 4 album art, the final image on the cover was of a physical item based on those mock-ups. You can learn more about that process in my conversation with El-P and photographer Tim Saccenti about the visual storytelling of Run The Jewels.

Below are a few entries that I enjoy. And even though it’s a Sketchfab-only contest, I have to include this incredible Instagram post from the legendary Beeple.