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DJI officially announces Osmo Mobile 4, adding magnetic mounts to the foldable phone stabilizer

DJI officially announces Osmo Mobile 4, adding magnetic mounts to the foldable phone stabilizer


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Courtesy of DJI

DJI is expanding its lineup of motorized smartphone video stabilizers with the newly announced Osmo Mobile 4.

The OM4 keeps the same foldable design as its predecessor, but it now comes with two magnetic mounts so you can quickly attach and detach your phone without needing to clamp it down and rebalance it between shoots. One magnetic mount is a clamp which wraps around your phone, while the second one attaches to the back of your phone and doubles as a finger ring so you can get a better grip with one hand.

Image: DJI

Aside from keeping the foldable design that let the Osmo Mobile 3 shrink down easily into a bag, OM4 also retains the same intuitive button layout and the same 15-hour battery, which can be used to keep your phone’s battery topped up over USB-C. DJI also claims the OM4 is slightly lighter and smaller than the Osmo Mobile 3 and comes with upgraded motors, although we’ve never heard of its predecessor struggling with heaving phones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max or Galaxy Note. 

On the software front, DJI is adding a couple of new features to the OM4 and is improving existing ones:

  • Dynamic Zoom, formerly called dolly zoom, works by digitally zooming in on a subject while walking backward or zooming out while walking forward. 
  • Spin Shot Gimbal Movement spins the camera in a fun barrel roll effect, though the phone won’t spin a full 360 degrees since the gimbal only turns so far. 
  • Clone Me Panorama lets you clone yourself or your friends so you appear multiple times in a single shot. 

All of these new features were technically possible to execute with previous gimbals, but it’s good to see DJI adding dedicated modes to make our lives easier.

Image: DJI

DJI says the new gimbal is also better at tracking people — if, say, you leave it stationary on a table or bench — and can better differentiate between adults, children, and pets. And all the other cinematic modes are still there; we had a blast trying them out in our previous review video.

The DJI OM4 is available starting today for $149, about $20 more than the Osmo Mobile 3 cost at launch, but it’s worth pointing out that the higher price includes a lot more accessories: a magnetic ring holder, magnetic clamp, carrying case, and a tripod in addition to the wrist strap that you’d usually get in the standard package with the previous Osmo Mobile. You can purchase the Osmo Mobile 4 from DJI, Best Buy, or Moment now.

Image: DJI