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These five Olympus mirrorless cameras can now double as Mac webcams

These five Olympus mirrorless cameras can now double as Mac webcams


You don’t need the new iMac for better telepresence

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Photo: Olympus

Olympus may be getting out of the photography business, but it may sell a few more mirrorless cameras to Mac owners first — today, it extended the previously Windows-only beta of its webcam software to Mac OS, letting you hook up five specific models to your MacBook, iMac or Mac Pro for what should be a far sharper webcam experience than you’ve probably had so far during the pandemic.

Specifically, you’ll need an E-M1X, E-M1, E-M1 Mark II, E-M1 Mark III or E-M5 Mark II. Olympus says they’ve specifically been tested with Google Chrome, Zoom, and OBS (which is handy for game streamers), though generally speaking they should probably work with any application that calls on your webcam. Here’s the instructions and download link.

The pandemic triggered a huge webcam shortage back in April and Olympus wasn’t the only one to see an opportunity: you can also find software for Sony, GoPro, Fujifilm and possibly others too. Some of our own Verge editors are using mirrorless cameras as their webcams in our daily meetings, and... I gotta admit they look a lot better than my ugly mug does through my Logitech.

You don’t need to buy the new iMac just for its better camera.