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New Bose audio sunglasses appear in FCC filings

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They could be part of the company’s Frames line

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Image: FCC

A new set of Bose sunglasses with built-in speakers could be on the way, as revealed by new filings published by the FCC. You might be looking at the next version of the company’s Frames line of audio sunglasses.

Check out this gallery for a few other angles on the glasses, showing where the speakers and hardware are built into the frames and and also revealing that the device will have a USB-C port for charging:

The filings also confirm the glasses will be branded under the Frames line and that they’ll be IPX4-certified for water resistance.

Image: FCC

Bose already offers two sets of sunglasses, the Alto and the Rondo, as part of the Frames line, but these new glasses revealed by the FCC are of a different style than those existing models. You can see what the Rondo and Alto look like in the below image, for comparison:

Bose’s Rondo (left) and Alto (right) sunglasses.
Image: Bose

The FCC filing doesn’t clue us in on when these sunglasses will be released, though — just because a product shows up in FCC filings doesn’t guarantee it will actually be announced. But this does look like a pretty far-along project. Bose did not respond to a request for comment.

The new Frames won’t include Bose’s sound-based augmented reality platform, as the company officially gave up on that project back in June. It was a clever idea: the tech would use a phone’s GPS and a motion sensor in the glasses or headphones you were wearing to share information about what you were seeing. But it “didn’t become what we envisioned,” Bose told Protocol when it canceled the project.