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Microsoft and Samsung have a special partnership for Xbox Game Pass on Android

Microsoft and Samsung have a special partnership for Xbox Game Pass on Android


The Galaxy Note 20 will have a unique Xbox Game Pass app

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Samsung is unveiling its new Galaxy Note 20 handset today, and with it, a unique Xbox Game Pass partnership. Microsoft is partnering with Samsung to include a special version of the Xbox Game Pass app in Samsung’s Galaxy Store. This version will allow Xbox players to redeem tokens and make in-app purchases like buying skins or DLC items in the Xbox Store.

The Xbox Game Pass app available on the Google Play Store will not support these types of in-app purchases. It’s clear Microsoft and Samsung have struck a special deal, which likely undercuts the 30 percent Google asks for, to enable them exclusively for the Galaxy Store version. The deal comes just as rumors suggest Google is trying to convince Samsung to promote its own Play Store over Samsung’s alternative.

Alongside this Xbox Game Pass app, Samsung is also offering a gaming bundle for the Galaxy Note 20 that includes three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PowerA’s MOGA XP5-X Plus. The controller is made with the game streaming (xCloud) part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in mind, and it can keep your phone charged while you game.

Microsoft and Samsung’s latest Xbox Game Pass partnership builds on the growing deal the two companies first revealed last year. Microsoft and Samsung partnered to bridge Android and Windows closer together with the Galaxy Note 10 last year, and they announced an xCloud partnership earlier this year. The Note 20 is the first device to take advantage of this closer Xbox Game Pass integration, and it’s reasonable to assume that Microsoft’s ambitions to bring xCloud to TVs will likely involve Samsung at some point in the future.