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Samsung will let you reserve a Galaxy Z Fold 2 today ahead of official preorders

Samsung will let you reserve a Galaxy Z Fold 2 today ahead of official preorders


Queue up to preorder if you’re interested before knowing the price

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Image: Samsung

Samsung has opened its online reservation system for the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable announced earlier today at its Unpacked event. For those unfamiliar with this approach, Samsung now occasionally uses reservations ahead of preorders for devices it expects to be in immediate high demand but for which there is still limited official information — like how much it might cost, for instance.

Effectively, you reserve a spot now to preorder later, so that you’re guaranteed the chance to put money down and secure a unit once you know how high the price tag will be. The company opened a similar reservation system for the Galaxy Note 20 last month, before it was also announced today but after everyone had a pretty good idea of what the device would look like and pack feature-wise, thanks to plentiful leaks.

In this case, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, the successor to last year’s troubled Galaxy Fold, doesn’t have pricing or a release date yet. (The initial device, which was infamously delayed due to design flaws and other issues, cost $1,980, for reference.)

Samsung is planning a second event on September 1st where we’re anticipating those details and also for the official preorders to go live. So if you’re sold on the concept of an improved Samsung foldable now that the company has a had a year or so to iron out the kinks, you can sign up to reserve a unit through this dedicated website with your Samsung account.