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The FBI raided Jake Paul’s home as part of an investigation into a mall ‘riot’

The FBI raided Jake Paul’s home as part of an investigation into a mall ‘riot’


Guns appear to have been seized

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Photo by Michael Reaves / Getty Images

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the California home of YouTube star Jake Paul this morning, according to TMZ and CBSLA. Agents removed several objects that looked like firearms from Paul’s home, ABC7 reported. The bureau is investigating “allegations of criminal acts” surrounding an incident at an Arizona mall in May, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Phoenix office told The Verge.

A second location, in Las Vegas, Nevada, was also raided today in connection with the investigation. TMZ says the home is owned by Arman Izadi, a friend of Paul who was also connected to the incident at the mall.

Police in Scottsdale, Arizona previously called the incident in the mall a “riot.” The FBI appears to have taken over the investigation into the events at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Scottsdale police filed misdemeanor charges against Jake Paul in June for his alleged involvement. Arman Izadi — as well as a third person, Andrew Leon — received misdemeanor charges as well.

A federal criminal investigation is underway

Those misdemeanor charges are now being dismissed, local police told The Verge. The police department says it is now coordinating with the FBI to “ensure that justice is served.” It said the charges are being dropped so that “a federal criminal investigation can be completed.”

The FBI spokesperson confirmed that “federal search warrants” were executed in California and Las Vegas in connection with the investigation this morning. A spokesperson for the FBI’s Los Angeles office declined to comment on the evidence sought or recovered in the California raid, saying that the warrant remained under seal. The spokesperson also declined to say when the seal would be lifted. No arrests have been made or are planned, the Los Angeles spokesperson told The Verge.

Paul’s house is also the home base of Team 10, Paul’s YouTube collective, and other members frequently live in and work from the house. Paul has yet to comment on the search. The Verge emailed Paul’s listed business address requesting comment, but the message bounced back with an error saying the address couldn’t be found or receive mail.

“We are still gathering information and will cooperate with the investigation,” Paul’s attorney, Richard Schonfeld, told TMZ. Schonfeld said Paul was not home at the time of the search.

Paul was recently criticized by the mayor of Calabasas, California, where he lives, for throwing a large party during the pandemic. The mayor said that Calabasas would begin issuing fines for failing to wear a mask while near other people outside a home.

Update, August 5th, 7:32 PM ET: This story has been updated with comments from the FBI’s Phoenix office and the Scottsdale Police Department saying that the raid was connected to the Arizona mall incident.