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Intel’s own website leaks Tiger Lake CPU event happening in early September

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With a possible GPU briefing next week

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

A few weeks ago, Intel teased that “something big” is happening on September 2nd. Now, thanks to the event calendar on the company’s own investor relations site (and eagle-eyed Twitter user @SteakisGood for spotting it), we have confirmation that this is when Intel plans to talk more about its 10nm 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs, the ones featuring its anticipated Xe graphics.

Acer has already promised machines that feature the new processor, so perhaps we’ll hear more about OEM support.

Another notable date on the calendar is even sooner. Next week, on August 13th, Intel is hosting an event called “Updates from our Chief Architect, Raja Koduri.” We suspect the company will be providing more details about its first discrete GPU, the DG1, which it announced back at CES 2020. Intel didn’t have much to share at CES about when we can expect to see the DG1 arrive in devices, but apparently this could now happen very soon.