The Verge has turned into Slate with some tech articles sometimes, prove me wrong

I've been here for a long time, since nearly the beginning. It used to be there wasn't a single political article ever, all the articles were about cool tech stuff, in the last year or so all I see now are mostly politics with some tech stuff sprinkled in-between. I started looking elsewhere for my tech fix about 3 months ago mostly because every single article felt like it was all about BLM or OMB and tech wasn't discussed unless it was about some random tangent of politics and tech (like a suitcase start-up misusing slack).

Today I checked the front page and legit I didn't see a single tech article. Maybe there was one that I missed but everything I saw was this try-hard story about how cameras still fail to make dishonest people honest. I get it, for some people the most important thing right now is their politics, but ars figured out how to do both with less staff, and honestly TheVerge has Vox for political stuff, why not go back to the days of getting inside tours of microsoft's R&D lab or interviews with tech startup CEOs?

Idk, I'm just kinda sad about what's become of this blogsite and I miss the great stuff they used to have.