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IFTTT introduces Pro subscriptions, limits free version to three applets

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‘If This and These Then That and That or whatever’

Image: IFTTT

IFTTT, a perennial favorite of smart home tinkerers everywhere, is going Pro. That means paid subscriptions for faster and more sophisticated IFTTT applets that can query more data sources to trigger multiple actions in the home. The free version will stick around but is now limited to just three applets — only Pro subscribers will be able to create unlimited personal applets.

Historically, you could create as many IFTTT applets as you wanted, although these were limited to one trigger controlling one action. For example, If the Ring doorbell is pushed, an applet can then pause the music playing out of a Sonos speaker. Now IFTTT can be configured to pause the music and light up the doorway light and send an SMS message whenever that doorbell is pressed, all from a single applet configuration.

“Today is the day that If This Then That officially becomes If This and These Then That and That or whatever else you can dream up,” said IFTTT founder and CEO Linden Tibbets.

Pro has a suggested monthly price of $9.99, but the company is allowing subscribers to set their own price for the first year as long as it’s $1.99 per month or more. That special offer expires on October 7th.