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Twitter seemed to be testing an edit feature, but the company says it’s a bug

If you delete a reply, when you go to reply again, you can edit the deleted text

Twitter’s blue bird silhouette logo is seen on a black background. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

It looked like Twitter might finally, at long last, be allowing users to edit their tweets. Users began noticing it Sunday afternoon: If you delete a tweet reply, then try to reply again, the “deleted” text reappears, allowing you to fix any mistakes and re-send it. The Verge’s Tom Warren demonstrated how it works:

But on Sunday evening, a Twitter spokeswoman gave us the sad news that it’s just a bug.

Editable tweets are something Twitter users have long pined for, and begged Twitter to implement. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is on the record saying Twitter would “probably never” introduce an edit button. However, Twitter has rolled out other much-desired features recently, including making its reply-limiting feature available to all users, as part of the platform’s efforts to give people more control over their conversations.

Update September 13th, 12:16 AM ET: Added that “unfortunately,” Twitter is not actually testing an edit feature but rather squishing a bug.