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400,000 people have registered to vote through Snapchat

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And that’s before the app rolls out its big promotions

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More than 400,000 people have registered to vote on Snapchat as of Monday, Axios reported on Tuesday.

Last week, Snapchat rolled out a slate of voting tools, including a feature for users to register to vote directly in the popular messaging app. Axios reported that 407,024 users registered to vote in the app by Monday evening. Snapchat has previously included in-app voter registration tools, and more than half of the users who registered through the service actually voted in 2018.

Still, the voting features are relatively new, and more people could register to vote in-app in the coming weeks, primarily young people. Snapchat’s user base broadly encompasses people under the age of 30. The app has yet to roll out some of its bigger promotions, featuring popular politicians like former president Barack Obama. On Tuesday, Snapchat is expected to release a new PSA with Obama to encourage young people to register to vote on the app. Other politicians like former Ohio Gov. John Kasich and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Arnold Schwarzenegger are also expected to appear in Snapchat PSAs.

Other social media apps have also started rolling out voter registration and information boxes on their platforms. In July, Facebook started pinning voting information at the top of users’ news feeds. In June, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company hopes to register 4 million people by Election Day. That would be double what Facebook achieved in 2016 and 2018. When users type “how to vote” into Google, the search engine populates state-by-state instructions.