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Lego finally realizes it doesn’t need to use plastic to package its tiny plastic bricks

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Less plastic is always good

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Image: Lego

If you ever purchased a Lego set, you’ll know the box comes with an uncomfortable amount of plastic bags to separate each set of pieces included. Personally, I felt it was way too much plastic for just one product, and it’s nice to now see Lego has finally come to its senses: the company plans to ditch the single-use packaging starting next year, Lego announced on its website earlier this week.

Going forward, Lego plans to package its tiny bricks in recycled paper bags. The company says they are looking to make “all packaging sustainable by 2025.” Lego CEO Niels Christiansen said the company received “many letters” from kids asking the toymaker to stop using plastic bags in their packaging.

Alongside its plans to use sustainable packaging, Lego is also working on sustainable bricks no longer made of plastic. The company aims to use sustainable materials in its core products by 2030, according to Lego.

In 2018, Lego began selling brick pieces made from plant-based plastic. Yet that material makes up a small percentage of Lego’s product lineup (less than 2 percent, actually) compared to its more recent releases such as the interactive Super Mario sets and the customizable Lego Art posters. Oh, and did I mention there’s a complete replica of the Nintendo Entertainment System made entirely with the tiny plastic bricks, too?