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OnePlus will release an app to make its OnePlus Buds work better with other Android phones

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The standalone OnePlus Buds app is coming to more Android phones, eventually

A close-up photo of the OnePlus earbuds in a person’s hand. Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

OnePlus released the OnePlus Buds, its $79 true wireless earbuds, back in July. While they have great battery and an affordable price, if you used them with a non-OnePlus phone, you weren’t able to manage some settings or get firmware updates. That should change in the future, though, as a OnePlus Buds app will be coming to other Android devices, according to a Q&A on OnePlus’ Chinese website (via 9to5Google).

The Q&A doesn’t give a timeline as to when we can expect to see that app on other phones, and OnePlus didn’t reply to a question about when the app might be released more broadly. If you want, you can already check out the OnePlus Buds app on Google’s Play Store, but the app’s description says it can only be installed on OnePlus devices.

In his review of the OnePlus Buds, my colleague Chris Welch found that they have a wide soundstage, though the open-air design means that you’ll probably still hear a lot of what’s going on around you while you’re using them. They’re also IPX4 water resistant, meaning they should hold up against some sweat or splashes of water.