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Pokémon Go partners with French fashion brand for cute in-game backpacks

More Pikachu for you

As part of The Pokémon Company and Longchamp Paris’ fashion collaboration, Niantic is adding special in-game items for players to dress up their trainers. A Longchamp backpack will be available beginning on October 2nd, starting at 11AM ET.

The backpack is Pikachu-themed, adding the iconic character to the black-and-white Longchamp logo. The event will apply to some pokémon, which will be dressed up in special bow ties and hats. The promotion lasts until October 8th; it’s timed to the beginning of Paris Fashion Week.

Pokémon Go continues to be a huge hit four years after its release; 2019 marked its most lucrative year yet. During COVID-19, Niantic has also made it easier for players to catch pokémon inside. In August, the developer announced that it will end support for older iOS and Android phones in October.