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Nvidia reveals what to expect from its $1,499 RTX 3090, on sale at 9AM ET

Nvidia reveals what to expect from its $1,499 RTX 3090, on sale at 9AM ET


If you missed out on RTX 3080... this probably won’t help

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Nvidia’s RTX 3080 graphics card seemed to be the 4K gaming champ we’d been waiting for at $699 — except most of us are still waiting a week after launch. The card was practically impossible to buy, Nvidia made some mistakes and had to fight off bots, and scalpers wound up selling them for thousands on eBay.

Tomorrow, the beefier $1,499 RTX 3090 goes on sale at 6AM PT / 9AM ET, but it’s probably not a solution for any of those problems. It’s really designed for 8K gaming and giant creative projects, with its primary spec boost being a tremendous 24GB of GDDR6X RAM, and Nvidia has revealed today it’s only 10-15 percent faster for 4K gaming than the far more affordable RTX 3080.

(Genuine question: do you have an 8K screen? OK, carry on.)

And even if you’re willing to pay that $800 premium, Nvidia also says today that you shouldn’t expect to find a lot of them in stock:

Since we built GeForce RTX 3090 for a unique group of users, like the TITAN RTX before it, we want to apologise upfront that this will be in limited supply on launch day. We know this is frustrating, and we’re working with our partners to increase the supply in the weeks to come.

If you’re interested, though, you can try these links for Amazon, Best Buy, B&H Photo and Newegg and hope you luck out. To help prevent bots from snapping up cards, Newegg claims it has “instituted additional bot security measures” and says it will manually review orders.

Update September 23rd, 10:56PM ET: Added confirmation from NVIDIA that sales begin at 6AM PT/9AM ET.