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Amazon’s Spheres

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Amazon Echo and Alexa event live blog: all the news, products, and updates

Alexa, show me some hardware

Amazon’s Spheres
| Photo by Dieter Bohn / The Verge

It’s September, and that means it’s hardware season. Amazon makes a lot of it: Echo speakers, Ring doorbells, Eero routers, and weird stuff like smart rings and boxes that are streaming DVR add-ons for the Fire TV. We’re expecting updates for many of those things and maybe some weird new gadgets to boot.

Amazon is doing its event a little differently from everybody else. Rather than streaming live to the whole world, it’s an invite-only affair. But fret not: we scored one and will be live-blogging Amazon’s announcements right here as they happen. Amazon has historically announced well over 60 and sometimes over 80 products at these events, so buckle in for a very fast moving, jam-packed event full of new and possibly strange gadgets.

The event kicks off today at 10AM PT / 1PM ET, and we’ll be there — virtually, anyway — to bring you all the news.

Amazon’s fall Echo and Alexa devices event

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