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PS5s will be available to preorder today at GameStop

Here’s your chance to grab one before launch

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Let’s be honest: trying to preorder a PS5 has been anything but easy. That said, if you want to try to secure Sony’s next-gen console ahead of its November 12th launch, you’ll have another shot at nabbing one at GameStop. Both models of the PS5 will be in stock on GameStop’s website, though the retailer has yet to mention what time it will open preorders online.

If you’d rather try your luck in person, you can always go to a GameStop near you. And if you decide to brave the line at a physical store, you can either pay for your PS5 in full or drop a $50 down payment to make sure you get one. (Although it’s unclear how many or which units each store will have).

Whatever you choose, remember that it’s still really difficult to get your hands on a PS5 right now, no matter who you are. And don’t even think about trying to find an RTX 3090.