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Amazon’s new Ring drone stops the world’s most hapless thief in bass-slapping ad

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A sloppy burglar flees in fear of Ring’s flying camera

Ring’s flying drone camera, the Always Home Cam, was easily the most surprising hardware announcement at today’s Amazon event. It won’t actually be available until next year, but the company has already put together a short ad to demonstrate how the camera can give you a flying, go-anywhere perspective on whatever’s happening in your home.

In the video, we see Ring’s security system tripped when a burglar breaks in, and the homeowner immediately dispatches the Always Home Cam to check in. As soon as the careless thief sees Ring’s “compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera,” he immediately flees.

If you were hoping to get an idea of just how noisy the Always Home Cam is, well, this doesn’t really provide that. You can hear the regular drone buzz, but it’s drowned out by a very loud audio track with a lot of slap bass. Not that Ring is positioning the Always Home Cam as quiet; hearing the drone approaching is the point. The company claims “it’s privacy you can hear.” Unfortunately, we also barely see the thing flying at all apart from takeoff, a couple seconds of movement, and landing.