Graphics Issues with Photoshop

Hi, not really sure which is the correct forum as this covers a couple topics.

My girlfriend is an architecture student and needed a laptop with decent specs to be able to handle photoshop, revit, autocad, etc. I figured i knew enough about computers to get her one capable enough but also looks good (her request). I ended up on the Lenovo Yoga c940 (15 inch). It has a 4k screen, i7 processor, 12 gigs of ram and a GeForce GTX 1650 for laptops inside also. I thought the 12gb Ram might be a little low, but with the gpu having 4gb of VRAM i figured that would help pickup some of the slack (once again i know enough but not everything about computers, especially GPUs).

Anyways, after receiving the laptop she is having performances issues trying to do basic transformations of photos, the laptop seems to have more trouble than her old mac that only has integrated graphics. It has very slow, choppy performance on photoshop. I've updated the driver for the card which helped a little bit, but not much. I've also tried everything on this link below except disabling the integrated gpu.


I increased the allowed RAM usage in photoshop, made the GTX1650 the default gpu, cache level at 4, etc.

When I look at task manager, the ram is being used up to about 90%, but the graphics card is only being used 5% at the most. Is this normal? I figured the graphics card would be utilized 100% to pick up any gpu/ram needs first in photoshop. Or maybe I don't understand how the VRAM or GPU is utilized. Any insight would be appreciated.