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Ring doorbells and cameras will soon integrate with Lutron’s smart lighting system

When someone rings your Ring doorbell, Lutron can turn on the lights


Ring cameras and doorbells will soon be able to connect with Lutron’s smart lighting systems, so you can set lights to turn on automatically when your Ring device detects movement. It’s a useful feature to either welcome home a family member arriving late at night, or scare off a would-be intruder at the door.

Lutron Caseta, Caseta Pro, and RA2 Select systems will support the integration with all generations of Ring doorbells and cameras. Once connected, the linked lights will turn on for 15 minutes at 100 percent brightness. According to Lutron’s about page, however, there isn’t currently a way to adjust the settings so the lights turn off earlier or later, or to set them to turn on at a different brightness.

You also can apply advanced motion settings, timed to turn the lights on when you expect to arrive home, and otherwise customize the settings in the Lutron app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, and the Amazon Fire tablet. Lutron says the integration will be available starting September 30th.