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Peloton announces new cheaper treadmill and pricier Bike Plus

Peloton announces new cheaper treadmill and pricier Bike Plus


The Bike Plus is available on September 9th and new Tread from early 2021

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The new treadmill is smaller than the original and drops the latter’s slatted belt design.
The new treadmill is smaller than the original and drops the latter’s slatted belt design.
Image: Peloton

Peloton has doubled its product lineup, announcing a cheaper treadmill and more expensive exercise bike. The new treadmill, called the Tread, will be available for $2,495 starting in “early 2021,” while the exercise bike, the Bike Plus, will also sell for $2,495 from September 9th in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. As a result of the launches, the original Peloton Tread has been renamed the Tread Plus ($4,295), while the original Bike keeps its name but has a lower price tag of $1,895.

We heard reports last week that this new equipment was coming, and it’s no surprise considering how Peloton’s business has grown during the pandemic. With gyms closed and more people keen to work out from home, the company has seen sales grow 66 percent year over year, although it’s often struggled to keep up with this demand.

Peloton’s sales are up 66 percent year over year

The new Tread and Bike Plus follow the same formula as Peloton’s earlier products, offering slick virtual classes via built-in screens. The big upgrade for the Bike Plus is a rotating 23.8-inch HD touchscreen and improved speakers that make it easier to follow along with Peloton’s other non-bike workouts, like yoga and strength training. The Bike Plus also now offers Apple GymKit integration, meaning you can log your workouts by simply tapping your Apple Watch on the frame. You can see the bike in more detail below:

The new treadmill has fewer upgrades, as you’d expect for a product that’s coming in at a lower price point. It has the same 23.8-inch touchscreen as the Bike Plus, but it doesn’t rotate. Instead, it tilts up and down for extra visibility. Peloton has also swapped the slatted belt design of its original treadmill for a cheaper continuous belt loop. The new treadmill is also smaller than the newly renamed Tread Plus, with dimensions of 68 inches L x 33 inches W x 62 inches H. Peloton has managed to remove the front shroud from the design, though, common in many treadmills, which helps give it a more premium look and enjoyable running track.

For clarity’s sake, see below for what Peloton’s new product lineup and prices look like as of September 9th. You can also trade in an original Peloton Bike for a $700 rebate and free Yoga & Toning accessories set. And remember, if you want access to all of Peloton’s classes, you’ll also need to pay for a $39 monthly subscription.

  • The original Peloton Bike ($1,895 USD)
  • The new Peloton Bike Plus ($2,495 USD)
  • The renamed Peloton Tread Plus ($4,295 USD)
  • The new Peloton Tread ($2,495 USD), coming early 2021